10 Best Apps To Make Money Online - Top Money Making Apps 2023 (2023)

10 Best Apps To Make Money Online - Top Money Making Apps 2023 (1)

In today’s world, where most business can be conducted online, it’s no surprise that there are numerous ways to make money using apps.Whether it’s earning rewards for shopping online to completing surveys or participating in the gig economy – there are a variety of options to choose from which fit your needs. While these apps won’t make you rich overnight, they can be an easy and convenient way to make a few dollars, supplement your income, or start a freelance business.In this article, we’ll explore the various types of apps that can help you make money online, and provide tips on their pros and cons.The options are quite varied, so use our analyses in order to determine which style best matches you goals, interests, and abilities

Top 10 Best Apps To Make Money 2023

  • Swagbucks: Best Overall
  • Ibotta: Best Overall Cash Back
  • Survey Junkie: Best Survey Site
  • Rakuten: Online Cash Back
  • eToro: Best for Stock Trading
  • Acorns: Best for Small Investments
  • Neighbor: Passive Income
  • Nielsen Computer And Mobile Panel: The Classic
  • Mistplay: Best for Gamers
  • Fiverr: Best for Gig Economy

Does Money Making App Really Work?

The amount you can earn and the amount of work necessary vary based on the app and the technique of earning, but money-making applications can be successful. The amounts of money are usually modest with small payments made for surveys, passive income apps can have restrictions, and cashback apps are limited to a small percentage of your expenditures. Some gig apps for freelance work on the other hand require more time and expertise, but can become a part or full time salary.Make sure to research and choose legitimate apps and keep your expectations realistic as they may not provide significant income. Overall, our analysis led us to conclude that these apps certainly provide some extra money, but the total amount and the compensation per hour is quite modest in most cases.

Top 10 Best Money Making Apps April 2023


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Read Swagbucks Reviews

Swagbucks is an extremely popular money making app with a variety of small tasks available. Soon they will be pushing $1 billion of payments out to users.For the ease of use, variety, and track record – they are our Editor’s Choice.

  • Easy to use
  • Wide variety of tasks
  • Excellent track record
  • Can be hard to find high paying tasks

An all-purpose program, Swagbucks provides numerous methods to make money online. Users can earn SB points by completing surveys, watching movies, conducting web searches, and conducting online shopping. You can exchange these points for money, gift cards, or other prizes. Swagbucks has amassed over 20 million registered members, making it a well-liked platform for people to earn extra money in their free time.

The program is simple to use and has a low payment threshold, making it an excellent choice for people who want to make a little additional money quickly.However, like most similar apps, the total amount that the average user can make is fairly low.For fun, variety, and a few extra “bucks” – this is our recommendation.


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Read Ibotta Reviews

Ibotta is one of the most popular applications for making cash back on purchases. You can even receive a check in the mail simply for doing your normal shopping.We honor them as the Best Overall Cash Back for Purchases.

  • Easy to use
  • Variety of deals and offers
  • Can get cash instead of gift cards
  • No business licence
  • Pricey Add-ons

Ibotta is a cashback application that gives customers rewards for shopping at partnering stores.Users simply complete in store and online shopping trips and then can utilize their purchases for cash in return. By scanning receipts, connecting loyalty cards, and making purchases using the app, users can receive cashback. Grocery stores, apparel stores, and internet retailers are just a few of the many participating merchants that Ibotta offers.

The app is a terrific choice for people who frequently shop at partner retailers because it also offers benefits for introducing friends and has a low payout threshold.One small inconvenience is that Ibotta requires users to scan receipts rather than simply through the app automatically.

Survey Junkie

In this case, the brand name says just about all you need to know. Here you will find survey after survey to fill out to earn small fees. It is the Best Survey Site. We like it when a company does one thing and does it well.

  • Epic amount of surveys available
  • Redeem points for cash or gift cards
  • Low payout threshold
  • Some users may not qualify for many surveys
  • Adds up to a low hourly rate

Users of the well-known web platform Survey Junkie can make money by completing surveys. Survey Junkie, which has over 10 million users, offers a range of surveys on many subjects, including products and services for consumers. Users can exchange their points for cash via PayPal or gift cards to well-known retailers like Amazon and Target by completing surveys.

One of the best features of Survey Junkie is its user-friendly website, which makes it simple to search for and complete surveys. Users of the platform can cash out their earnings once they hit $5 thanks to the platform’s low payout threshold.One drawback, it can be hard to find high paying surveys so total earnings are usually quite modest.


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Read Rakuten Review

Rakuten is an excellent app for cash back and coupons.We particularly like their browser extension which automatically populates coupons for easy use.We give them the Award for Best Online Cash Back app.

  • Provides cash back checks for your purchases
  • Browser extension auto loads coupons
  • Easy to use
  • Not as good in-store

A payback software called Rakuten, formerly Ebates, gives users a percentage of their purchase price in the form of cash. Users of the app can earn cashback on a variety of purchases thanks to the program’s partnerships with thousands of merchants, including well-known shops and retailers. One of the best features of Rakuten is its hefty cashback rates, which, depending on the retailer and the purchase, can be as high as 40%.

Also, the app provides a user-friendly platform that makes it simple to look for discounts and coupons as well as to spend cash back incentives. Also, Rakuten gives new customers who register and make their first purchase through the app a $10 bonus. There is limited use in stores.


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Read eToto Reviews

Users find eToro easy to use to make trades with their ronin securities trading platform. They are our choice as Best for Stock Trading.Remember though, that this option requires you to invest money and that there is risk in making trades.

  • Social investing
  • Easy to use
  • Stocks, ETFs, and cryptos
  • Need money to make money

eToro is an online trading platform that allows users to invest in a variety of assets, including stocks, currencies, and cryptocurrencies. The app is easy to use and offers a variety of trading tools, including real-time charts and news updates. Users can also follow and copy the trades of other successful traders in a social investing paradigm.

This option is different from the other competitors we reviewed since it requires the user to deposit money in order to later gain money from investing.We think eToro is an excellent trading platform – but it misses the mark for most people interested in earning a little cash back since it’s more for those with some assets to invest and make earnings over a longer period.


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Read Acorns Reviews

Perhaps the most accessible investing app for beginners, Acorns delivers on its branding message to grow small seeds into a large oak tree of a portfolio over time.We award the company the Best for Small Investments. Compared to the other types of money earning opportunities though, this app is designed to make money slowly over time and not to earn fast cash.

  • Round ups
  • Start small
  • Intuitive UI/UX
  • Designed for saving money, not paying any immediate bills

This app is a great choice for new investors. With the help of the financial app Acorns, extra change from routine purchases is automatically put into a portfolio of exchange-traded funds. Customers have a range of portfolio alternatives to pick from, such as cautious, moderate, and aggressive options.

The program also provides other investment choices, such as socially conscious investing and retirement accounts.Acorns is not designed for users to earn quick money though.Rather, it supports saving small amounts for retirement or a rainy day.


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Read Neighbor Reviews

This application facilitates transactions for a previously untapped supply and demand – unused storage space.This is the most passive form of earning money we found in today’s field.We award them the Passive Income Award.

  • Passive income stream
  • Perfect if you have empty space
  • Platform helps facilitate professional relationship
  • You have to have extra space
  • Not everyone likes stranger’s stuff in their spaces

With the peer-to-peer storage app Neighbor, users can charge others for the use of extra storage space. The software handles payment processing and insurance, and users can determine their own prices and terms. Neighbor has amassed over 100,000 members and is now a popular method for people to generate passive revenue from unoccupied space.

We really like this unique value proposition and way to make money from an unused asset.The platform allows a certain formality that makes this superior to placing an old fashioned ad in a paper. On the downside, some people just won’t be comfortable with other stuff in your space.

Nielsen Computer And Mobile Panel

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Read Nielsen Computer And Mobile Panel Reviews

Another form of passive income, the famous Nielson company expands their market research into your Smartphone habits.We call this option The Classic, since the company is a true forerunner in the field.It is excellent passive income for doing nothing. However, the earning possibilities are quite low.

  • Trusted name
  • You don’t have to do anything
  • Easy to install
  • Feels like you are losing some privacy

You have likely heard of Nielsen because of the large amount of research done in the television market. Nielsen also published many surveys on Smartphone usage that were collected via their Nielsen computer and mobile panel application. The software is inserted into the phone’s background while Nielsen analyzes the way users are using their device.

This information has value in teaching companies about consumer habits such as what is the average amount of time a person spends on their phone and the kind of activities they do (searching websites or watching video, among others).Though Nielson assures users the data is analyzed at a meta level, some people will feel like someone is watching everything they do on their phone. Another downside, total money earned is likely to be under $100 per year.


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Read Mistplay Reviews

Both easy to use and fun, Mistplay is an exciting option where users get paid just to play games. We select Mistplay as the Best for Gamers prize. We do caution that earning are low and this is best for a few dollars spending money rather than an earnings strategy.

  • Get paid for gaming
  • Variety of games
  • A sort of cash back for in game purchases
  • Only applies to gaming
  • May require lots of time in game to earn

Mistplay calls itself a loyalty program for mobile game players who download Mistplay app, create a profile and view Mistplay’s selection. Users can choose from a variety of free games, including puzzle games, action games, and role-playing games. As users play games, they earn points that can be redeemed for gift cards to popular retailers.

Play for some time to accumulate the units, as it can become quite a long time online to earn any appreciable amount. Items are redeemable through Amazon, Google Play store or many other online stores. The amount of money earned will be small, but if you are a frequent gamer it adds a few extra dollars in your pocket for having fun.


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Read Fiverr Reviews

Fiverr is a large platform that connects freelance gig workers with clients.Though the platform is based on somewhat lower paid gig work (the Fiverr is a $5 gig) it still pays much better than most of the other apps.However, freelancers need good skills and time to promote their services in order to earn.We name Fiverr our choice as the Best for the Gig Economy.

  • Users can actually make a part of full time salary
  • Fits the burgeoning gig economy
  • Easy to use
  • You need to take time to set up a profile and gigs
  • You need a skill of value

Fiverr is an online marketplace where independent contractors can provide their skills to customers from across the globe. Many services, such as writing, programming, graphic design, and others, can be provided by independent contractors. Customers can peruse the profiles of many freelancers and select the one that best suits their requirements. It is a flexible alternative for people who wish to work from home or on their own schedule because independent contractors can determine their own rates and complete jobs from any location.

Fiverr has grown to be a top choice for those looking to make money by making their skills and services available to clients online with over 3 million registered freelancers. The website is simple to use and provides a number of features to aid in the promotion of freelancers.Compared to the survey and task sites on the list we have today – Fiverr users can make a decent hourly rate and help pay some bills.

How Can I Earn Money Using The App?

10 Best Apps To Make Money Online - Top Money Making Apps 2023 (12)

You can earn extra cash right through your smartphone applications. We have found survey sites, cashback apps, gaming sites, investing opportunities, and gig apps all present opportunities to earn some money.

  • Survey Apps: These options allow users to participate in surveys and earn money by providing feedback or opinions on various topics, such as consumer products and services.
  • Cash-back Apps: These apps offer users a percentage of their purchase amount back in the form of cash when they spend money shopping online or in stores. Users can save money on online purchases. Users also can qualify for discounts.
  • Investing Apps: Investors can earn money as they see stocks and other securities go up in value. Investing apps work somewhat differently from others reviewed here as they are directed to save money over time rather than earn quick cash.
  • Gaming Apps: Gamers can earn rewards and cash payouts as they play.
  • Gig & Sharing Economy Apps: Perhaps the highest earning opportunities are with freelance, gig, and sharing apps. These apps connect workers to clients for freelance work, services, or sharing of something. Uber, Fiverr, and Neighbor are examples.

Choosing The Best Money Making App

There are many options including surveys, tasks, cash back, or gig work – or perhaps a combination of all of them. Users should consider their goals, the return on their time investment, how active or passive the income is, and their skills. Make sure to research any particular app to make sure it’s legit.

Link Your Paypal Account to Money Making Apps

Most of these portals are offering cash payments to users. Often via paypal then into your bank account. Thus, setting up a paypal account is paramount before embarking on the work. Connect your debit card or bank account to paypal.

Best Apps To Make Money Online For Beginner

If you are a complete beginner and don’t know where to start, we recommend an easy to use app that requires no special skills. We recommend a survey site like Swagbucks or Survey Junkie to try out exchanging some simple tasks for a few dollars. You can combine this with cash back for purchases like Rakuten and Ibotta, which take little to no work. These options will give you a few dollars here and there for extra spending money. If you want to eventually earn enough money to pay some of your bills or incorporate some work from home side gigs, then Fiverr is a great place to venture. You will need a skill to sell, but can make hundreds of dollars per month as you become established.

Wrapping Up

A simple search of the internet will show you that the days when most people just worked a 9-5 job solely are disappearing.Many many people are looking for extra cash, side hustles, or ways to make money on their own terms.There are numerous options that have strong and weak points. We hope our analysis helped highlight the variety of surveys, cash back, investing, and gig platforms that are available.There is something to match the goals, skills, and experience level of just about anyone.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What apps will pay you to answer questions?

The most popular apps of this nature are online survey applications.If you fit the required demographic, many companies will pay for your opinions and preferences.Swagbucks and Survey Junkie are popular examples.

Are cash game apps legit?

Cash game apps can be legitimate, but it’s important to do your research and read reviews before downloading and using any app to make sure it’s safe and not a scam.

What apps pay same day?

Most cash back and survey apps require users to build up a certain level of points before money can be withdrawn.Some apps that offer same-day payments include Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, and Instacart. However, these apps require work, such as driving, delivering, or shopping.

What is a cash app extension?

A cash app extension is a browser extension that can help you save money and earn cashback when shopping online. For example, Capital One Shopping is a browser extension that helps users save money while shopping online by automatically searching for discounts and coupon.

Can I make money from apps on my phone?

Yes, you can make money from apps on your phone. Many users find that survey apps, mechanical turks, and cash back apps are easy to use and can make some extra money. However, it’s important to be cautious and research the app before downloading to avoid scams and ensure that the app is legitimate.


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