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Doberman Protection Dogs: [12 Amazing Traits]

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When you think ‘guard dog’ what words come to mind? Probably words like: Bold, fierce, strong, loyal, alert, and intelligent. You may not realize it, but you’d be perfectly describing a Doberman.

In fact, many people associate the Doberman breed with guard dogs — and for good reason. They were intentionally bred to possess all these traits and more.

This makes them unlike other dog breeds, such asGerman Shepherd protection dogs,Belgian Malinois protection dogs,Rottweiler protection dogs,Dutch Shepherd protection dogs, andCane Corso protection dogs—which were originally bred as working dogs (mostly for herding livestock).

Let’s get into a few of the traits that make the Doberman one of thebest guard dog breeds in the world. And we often give themprotection dog trainingto becomeexecutive protection dogsorsecurity dogs.

Interesting Fact: The first Dobermans were bred specifically for protection just before the 1900s.

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Dobermans Are Big, Strong, Fast — And Intimidating

Have you ever seen a Doberman sitting calmly in a beautiful yard, its piercing eyes scanning the horizon as it protects its owner’s home? Most criminals wouldn’t take one step into that yard after seeing that big black canine, and they’d have good reason.

Here are a few of the most prominent physical traits of the Doberman breed:

Doberman Size

Dobermans are considered a large dog breed by the American Kennel Club (AKC). The typical male Doberman stands at about 26-28 inches high at the withers (the area at the top and between the shoulders). The female Doberman stands only about an inch shorter, but backs up her smaller stature with an increase in fierceness.

These large dogs are similar in size to their cousin,Giant Schnauzer protection dogs, and have an average weight of approximately 70-100 pounds — with male Dobermans weighing in at around 88-99 pounds and females 71-77. They are extremely lean and muscular, wasting none of their weight in the strength department.

Doberman Strength

One look at a Dobermans sleek and muscular body is a dead giveaway of the breed’s natural strength. Their powerful legs and muscle bound chest clearly show they pack a punch that can back up their bark.

Interesting Fact: Some sources say a Doberman’s bite strength can reach up to 600 PSI!

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In fact, the bite strength of a mature Doberman ranges from 228 PSI to, what some sources report, are bites of 600 PSI in strength! If you choose a Doberman for your guard dog, most criminals will probably think twice before stepping into those powerful jaws.

Doberman Speed

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“Think you’re getting away?”

Probably not from a Doberman. This breed runs an average of 30 MPH, which is more than double the average running speed of most people. Whether you need your Doberman to come quickly to your aid — or if you don’t want criminals getting away, a Doberman can serve both needs, fast.

In fact, a famous police Doberman named Tunga once ran 12 kilometers to track down a murderer in Karnataka, India. Tunga became renowned for solving 50 other murders and caught at least 60 thieves for law enforcement during her illustrious career as a police dog.

Doberman’s Intimidating Appearance

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Dobermans are widely known for their fiercely confident, powerful, and downright dangerous appearance. They’re large, with a square frame that gives them an exceptionally stout look for such a large dog.

Some traits of the Doberman’s appearance include:

  • Long muzzle
  • Graceful gait
  • Markings on chest, paws/legs, muzzle, above the eyes, and underneath tail
  • Square frame
  • Fairly Tall
  • Extremely lean and muscular
  • Often possessing cropped ears for a more focused look

At first glance, Dobermans perfectly embody the stereotype for ‘guard dog.’ But how did they come to have this powerful and prestigious appearance? Is there a story behind the genetic makeup of these prime protection pups?


Dobermans Were Bred For Protection

Not all dog breeds were bred with the specific goal of creating the fiercest, yet most well-tempered guard dog — but the Doberman was. In 1890, Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann began breeding the dogs from a collection of species with ‘protection dog’ worthy traits.

Karl Dobermann was a tax collector who also ran a dog pound in Apolda, Thuringia, Germany. Collecting taxes could be a dangerous business. He needed a dog that was loyal, trainable, intimidating, protective, and powerful. From that need, the Doberman breed was born. After Dobermann’s death in 1894, Otto Groeller continued his work, breeding the Doberman into an even more apt dog for protection work.

Interesting Fact: The U.S. Marine Corps made the Doberman their official ‘War Dog’ during World War Two.

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While it’s unknown what exact mixes of dog breeds contributed to the Doberman, some possible breeds include: Weimaraner, German Rottweiler, Pinscher and Beauceron. There is also documentation of Greyhound and Manchester Terrier mixing, and it’s said that the German Shepherd contributed to the Doberman Pinscher.

But the Doberman wasn’t just bred to look intimidating. In fact, Dobermans are famed for their role in war. There’s no need to worry if a Doberman can protect you. They were the breed trusted by the U.S. Marine Corps during World War Two!

Doberman Guard Dogs Are War Heroes

Wondering if a Doberman will alert you to danger? In Guam, 1944, a Doberman named Cappy saved the lives of 250 American soldiers by alerting them to the presence of Japanese troops. Another Doberman, named Kurt, was the first canine casualty on the battle lines.

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Interesting Fact: A Doberman named Cappy was responsible for saving the lives of 250 marines in Guam by alerting them to the presence of Japanese soldiers. A true American hero!

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Would a Doberman lay down its life for you? Kurt, Cappy, and twenty-three of their companions, died that year fighting in the fierce battle. They laid down their lives in loyalty to their country without thinking twice. If you’re looking for a guard dog that would lay down their life to protect you, then a Doberman might be right for you.

Dobermans were bred so well for their purpose as guard dogs they were adopted as the U.S. Marine Corps’ official “War Dog.” Kurt is depicted as the bronze dog statue at the top of the U.S. War Dog Cemetery.

“But why would the U.S. military choose this dog breed above others? Aren’t there other dogs that are similar in strength to the Doberman?”

Part of the answer to that question might be found in that thing between their ears (their brain).

Doberman Protection Dogs Have World-Class Intelligence

Are Dobermans smart guard dogs?

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Interesting Fact: Dobermans are considered one of the smartest dog breeds in the world. Some historical articles even dubbed them “the dog with the ‘human’ brain.”

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You might be surprised to find out some studies have shown the Doberman to be one of the smartest dog breeds in the world. One such study, performed by Hart and Hart in 1985, showed that Dobermans ranked number one in intelligence.

Another study by Tortora in 1980 ranked the Doberman #1 in general trainability. Stanley Coren, a psychologist, ranked the breed fifth in intelligence for obedience commands across all breeds in his book “Intelligence of Dogs.”

Some historical articles have dubbed the Doberman, “the dog with the ‘human’ brain,” because the breed led to psychologists using human personality testing techniques on canines. That really says something about the sentience and intelligence of Dobermans!

But even though these dogs are extremely smart, their frightening appearance has given them an unwarranted dangerous reputation. Like many guard dog breeds, some misconceptions have emerged about Doberman’s aggression toward owners.

However, the stigma around Dobermans simply isn’t true…

Dobermans Show Extremely Low Aggression Toward Owners [Study]

Will my Doberman turn on me?” Highly unlikely…

Astudywas performed in 2008 to identify the differences in aggression between different dog breeds. The scientists broke the criteria for aggression into four categories: Aggression toward human strangers, owners, strange dogs, and other household dogs.

Dobermans were ranked fairly high on their aggression toward strangers. However, when compared to other dog breeds, theiraggression toward ownerswas ranked asextremely low.In both remaining categories (aggression toward other dogs and household dogs) they were considered to have about average aggression levels.

Interesting Fact: Contrary to some misconceptions, Dobermans have some of the lowest levels of aggression toward their owners when compared to all other dog breeds.

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If you are considering using a Doberman for your own protection but are afraid your dog might turn on you, don’t believe the hype. A Doberman is extremely unlikely to show aggression toward its owner or owners, especially when properly trained.

This makes the Doberman one of thebest protection dogs for families,and they’re also known to be very good with children. Just ask our nextfamous protection dog.

Dobermans Will Lay Down Their Lives To Protect You And Your Family

So what about when things get dangerous? Will a Doberman know how to react if you or your children are in harm’s way?

Doberman Protection Dogs – Prestige Protection Dogs (10)

Oneexampleof a Doberman’s quick mind and intelligent protective behavior is a Doberman named Khan. Charlotte Svillic’s 17-month-old baby was crawling across the floor one afternoon, unaware of the poisonous snake nearby.

The Svillic family’s Doberman, Khan, grabbed the baby by the diaper and quickly moved the toddler away from the deadly snake. As Khan lifted and saved the child, the snake reached out and bit him on the leg, threatening his life.

Luckily, the family was able to get the dog a shot of anti-venom. Khan survived, and he’d surely save the child again, given the chance. This is just one example of many Dobermans protection dogs risking their lives for their owners and families.

If you choose a Doberman for your protection dog, you can rest assured they’ll stop at nothing to make sure you’re safe.

Doberman Guard Dogs Are Well-Tempered

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Although their appearance and reputation may tell you that Dobermans aren’t well tempered, it couldn’t be further from the truth. In the past the breed was much less prone to comradery, but modern breeding has altered the traits of today’s Dobermans.

The Dobermans of today are much more stable, calm, and reliable — especially for protection. The alterations to their personality have made them as caring and sensitive as they are fierce. As long as you’re a part of their “pack,” they can be very loving and friendly dogs.

This makes them one of thebest protection dogs for families,although there are some differences between the traits of male andfemale Doberman protection dogs.

Traits Of Male And Female Doberman Guard Dogs

While both male and female Dobermans make great guard dogs, there are some differences between the two genders of dog. Depending on your protection needs, it’s important to know what these trait differences are.

Male Doberman Traits

Male Doberman protection dogs tend to be more protective of the whole family and property. They are the bigger of the two possessing more physical strength. However, they become trusting more quickly to outsiders than females, which may be good or bad depending on your needs.

Males are more territorial and are likely to ‘mark’ the perimeters of your yard to ward off other dogs. They can make great family dogs and will protect all family members equally.

Interesting Fact: Male Dobermans may be better for property and whole family protection. Females may be better suited for personal protection. However, their skills as a protection dog depend more on training than gender.

Female Doberman Traits

Female Dobermans are especially good as a personal protection dog. They are less territorial than males, meaning they are more likely to protect their owner than the property (although they’ll do that too).

Females are more leery of strangers and take much longer to trust outsiders. Although they are smaller than males, they are often more aggressive, especially toward other dogs. The increased aggression may be a result of having to fight with the larger males for milk during the early stages of development.

Doberman Protection Dog Training

Doberman Protection Dogs – Prestige Protection Dogs (12)

All Dobermans must be properly trained to become thebest protection dogsthey can be. This takes professional skill. However, when done right a Doberman can become the family friend that keeps you safe.

A properly trained Doberman is extremely obedient, safe, loving, intelligent, and fierce. A well-trained Doberman is the epitome of a protection dog. They have the ancestry of a warrior with a sensitive heart toward their pack.

A protection-trained Doberman will lay down its life to protect you and your family. They’ll protect you from criminals and dangerous animals at all costs. You can rest assured you’re safe in their paws.

Where To Find Doberman Protection Dogs For Sale?

If you want the peace of mind and safety a protection dog can offer, you’re in the right place. At Prestige Protection Dogs, we go above and beyond to providepersonal protection dogsand guard dogs perfect for your exact needs. If you need to findfamily protection dogs for saleor just need a guard dog for your property — we can help.

We offer highly skilled, well-trained protection dogs to fit you and your family’s exact set of needs. Your protection dog will be hand-selected to fit your situation and environment.

But we don’t stop there!

It’s important to give you and your new dog the smoothest transition upon delivery. For that reason, we spend 3-5 days with you and your new canine after the sale. We’ll teach you everything you need to know and help to solidify the bond between you and your dog.

You’ll be provided with all the help you need to maintain and perform further training, understand and communicate with, command, and enjoy your relationship between you and your new guardian. Sound like the kind of treatment and protection you need?

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